Top 10 Print Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign

Top 10 Print Media Campaign Promoting Breast Cancer Awareness

Breast Cancer Awareness Print Campaign 2014 In our Daily Health News section, We covered  about breast cancer that how serious is the disease and an early detection of breast cancer can save lives . Women after the age of 30  should twice a year get the medical check up done. In lot of countries  a […]

Top 10 greatest Cricket World Cup Upsets

Top 10 Cricket World Cup Upsets

Top 10 Greatest Cricket World Cup Upsets – Daily Cricket News The biggest upset in cricket happens when a minnow team defeats the top 6 nations in cricket.  In the biggest upsets of the World Cup history , most of the times India has been on the receiving end. The loss against Zimbabwe by 3 […]

Best Hattricks in icc cricket world cup history

Hat-tricks in Cricket World Cup History

Hat-trick are always tough to get in any cricket league or game  and  there are only 7 players who have got hat-trick in the ICC Cricket World Cup of 50 overs one day match.  Check out the 7 furious bowlers who have got hat-tricks in the ICC Cricket World Cup. Two players got hat-trick in […]

Dangerous Pitches of ICC Cricket World Cup 2015

Pitches of India’s Matches in icc cricket world cup 2015

The ICC Cricket World Cup is just 5 months away and the excitement is growing as days are coming closer. The ICC World Cup 2015 tournament is going to be held in Australia and New Zealand where Asian teams are going to find a hard time playing on their pitches. The pitches out there are […]

Breast Cancer Awareness Ads

Breast Cancer Awareness Bold & Creative Ads

Top 10 Breast Cancer Awareness Creative Ads Breast cancer is also the most common cause of cancer death among women & Millions of women can be saved around the world if women get tested at the right time for it . According to WHO, in 2012, 1.7 million women were diagnosed with breast cancer  and usually […]

Why Arvind Kejriwal Should be Top Contender in Bigg Boss Season 8

Reasons Why Arvind Kejriwal Should be Top Contender in Bigg Boss Season 8

Top 10 Reasons Why Arvind Kejriwal Should Be in Big Boss 8- Daily Entertainment News Big Boss is the most popular show on the Colors channel and is hosted by the heartthrob of Indian cinema Salman Khan. Bigg Boss 8 is set to premiere on Sunday, 21 September and won’t it be funny to see Arvind Kejriwal […]

iphone First Generation to iphone 6 Smartphones Release dates

iphone First Generation to iphone 6 & iPhone 6 Plus Smartphones

The iPhone 6 is scheduled to launch  on September 19th & iPhone 6 Plus which will for the first time feature a larger 5.5″ display. Steve Jobs had always maintained that phone should always fit in the hand so that its comfortable to use and Apple use to always show that their phones are superior to […]

Apple iOS versions from 1 to 8

Apple iOS versions from 1 to 8

Apple introduced the first iOS on March 6 2008 and since then the company never looked back. With the first iphone running a version OS X to iOS8 , the journey has been remarkable. Apple is introducing the spectacular iPhone 6 and Iphone 6 Plus in the market and everyone is keen to get their […]

Top 10 Free Android Apps to Make Smartphone Smarter

Top 10 Free Android Apps to Make Smartphone Smarter

Top 10 Free Android Apps A must for Everyone Android phones are the most popular among all age group as there is an ease with which they can be operated and also have a huge app library. There are so many apps in the Google Store that MJBlast has compiled a list of top 10 […]

Can Jammu & Kashmir Have a Hindu CM

Can Kashmir Have a Hindu Chief Minister

CAN J&K ever get a Hindu Chief Minister? After Independence , Jammu & Kashmir have always been a disputed territory . Though legally its a part of India but what do people of Kashmir want , as nobody wants to hear them out. Elections have taken place  and parties mainly like Indian National Congess and […]

MS Dhoni Last Over Finisher

MS Dhoni – Last Over Finisher

MS Dhoni has always kept his cool n calm and has shown so many times that he can win over opponents in the last over.  Yesterday’s match between England and India , MS Dhoni showed the same cool figure and we all thought India will score 16 runs with the captain MS Dhoni hitting six […]

Two Countries One Visa for ICC Cricket World Cup 2015

Two Countries One Visa for ICC Cricket World Cup

All the cricket enthusiasts who are planning to watch ICC Cricket World Cup 2015 at Australia or New Zealand , there is good news as cricket lovers will only need to apply for one visa under a new Trans-Tasman  visa arrangement.  The ICC Cricket World Cup will take place from 14 February to 29 March 2015, with all […]

Hairstyles of Footballers 2014

Hairstyles of Famous Footballers 2014

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly Haircuts of footballers are listed below. The FIFA World Cup 2014 finished in a grand style where Germany defeated Argentina 1-0. Germany had a plan whereas other team players were focusing on their hairstyles. Check out the best and worst haircuts of football season 2014 and see who […]

Top 10 Hilarious Soccer Celebrations

Top 10 Hilarious Soccer Celebrations

Football is one sport where the players shows great passion and once they score , the celebrations of a goal are a must to watch. Butthop , Scuba Dive and Breeze Dance celebrations top the list of 10 Of The Most Exuberant And Hilarious Soccer Celebrations   1. The Butthop [via]   2. The Scuba […]

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Practice Drinking Yoga for Good Health .. ROFL

Yoga is a great way to exercise and keep fit to strengthen the core muscles like back , stomach , etc. Now when you mix yoga with alcohol , you will have a new technique which a lot of people would enjoy practicing and we call it as ” Drinking Yoga”   1. Salambhasana [via] […]

5 Apps that are must for Fitness

Fitness is the key mantra to a healthy mind.  A lot of times we get bored of doing the same exercise or just simply walking in the park. To bring a zing in your exercise routine , MJBlast has compiled five apps that would make you encourage to exercise hard and bring a complete transformation […]

Expectation vs Reality

We all want to live the life to the fullest and have expectations in life which when we compare to the reality , the life becomes fun and gives us a reason to laugh and enjoy life to the fullest. Check out the images that would make you love the life of expectation and reality. […]

Boys vs Girls Funny Facts

Funny Facts About Boys and Girls Sometimes boys and girls are so different that they appear to be part of different category. And all those differences between us are occasionally really funny. Just take a look at the following ones:   1. Two Methods   2. Guest Coming Soon   3. Facebook Notification    4. Big Age Difference […]