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Funny Pictures of Jesus doing Everyday Things

Jesus doing Everyday Things

Ever thought of Jesus helping Kim Kardashian breaking the internet , well that has been made possible by various artists showcasing Jesus as a common man and Jesus doing everyday things  & having fun whether it’s listening to music , sun bathing, working out at the gym or finishing a marathon. Check out these hilarious […]

RK Laxman Cartoon Collection

RK Laxman Cartoon Collection

“Common man” character created by legendary Indian cartoonist icon RK Laxman would live in our heart forever. RK Laxman cartoon collection speak a lot about democracy and no one better than him was able to explain the Indian daily life and politics with cartoons. Legendary Indian cartoonist RK Laxman has died in hospital at the […]

Destinations for Single Guys

Destinations For Guys Would Forget Their Girlfriend & Wives

Alright guys let’s start the party and forget about girlfriends and wives at home. If you are planning for a vacation with guys,  here is a list of destinations that every single guy must visit. Beers, Parties, Music & Relaxed Laws for Some Fun would make these destinations  the haven for single men . So whether its a […]

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Virat Kohli The Champion Player Of 2015

10 Reasons Why Virat Kohli Will Be The Champion Player Of World Cup 2015

All right, to be the champion player of 2015, Virat Kohli just wants to pick up where he left off in 2014. His teammates seem up to him, fans love him, opponents hate him, girls dream of him, and that’s just how Kohli loves it. He’s already started 2015 with a hit but if you’re […]

ICC Cricket World Cup 2015 Top Contenders

ICC Cricket World Cup 2015 Champions

Cricket World Cup 2015 is going to be the tournament of the year and India would fight to keep their World Cup Champion title that they won in Cricket World Cup 2011 in India. There are a lot of important matches in 2015 World Cup that would decide who would top the Groups A & Group […]

Download Free Cricket Games

Download Free Cricket Games

ICC Cricket World Cup 2015  is around the corner and the cricket fever is catching up.  Online cricket games are also getting popular day by day and one can play a variety of tournament modes that includes , ODIs, T20 Matches and the exciting Powerplay styles. One can even play 3D  Cricket games and experience […]

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Coolest Gadgets of 2015

Coolest Gadgets of 2015

The 2015 would be a year of more invention and officially that means we should look out for the coolest gadgets that will make our mind blow away. Also every man wants the best gadget for themselves and check out the some of the funny gadgets and weird gadgets that would make you have all […]

Top Five 3D Board Games

Free Download 3D Board Games

The board games are popular with all ages and now with smartphones online games are popular. Everybody has played chess , snakes and ladders in their childhood but now the level has gone up and now you can play all these favorite board games online and now in 3D . The best part is that […]

Best Games for Android Phones 2015

Best Games for Android Phones 2015

Android Games are popular among all age groups and  be rest assured  the games that we have shortlisted will keep you entertained and hooked all day long. The best games for android phones in 2015 includes Nuts , Magic 2015 , Witcher Battle Arena and the Samorost 3 o which would be the surprise package […]

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Daily Health News

Naked Selfies and Sexting

Naked Selfies and Sexting Disturbing Signs among teens

Naked Selfies and Sexting Catching Up in High School In today’s modern world everyone owns a smartphone and with so many apps of photo sharing like Instagram , have made the life of a teenager super fast & confusing. Everybody wants to be loved more in social media and that’s so immature because most of […]

Top 10 Condoms Awareness Campaign Ads

Top 10 Condoms Awareness Campaign Ads

In some countries people feel embarassed to buy a condom and it seems funny to us why people feel ashamed as its a life saving item. Just like when we have bad breath we buy chewing gum , a person needs to buy condoms when having sex to avoid unexpected pregnancy or AIDS . According […]

Top 10 Print Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign

Top 10 Print Media Campaign Promoting Breast Cancer Awareness

Breast Cancer Awareness Print Campaign 2014 In our Daily Health News section, We covered  about breast cancer that how serious is the disease and an early detection of breast cancer can save lives . Women after the age of 30  should twice a year get the medical check up done. In lot of countries  a […]

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Expectation vs Reality

We all want to live the life to the fullest and have expectations in life which when we compare to the reality , the life becomes fun and gives us a reason to laugh and enjoy life to the fullest. Expectation vs Reality Check out the images that would make you love the life of expectation […]

Boys vs Girls Funny Facts

Funny Facts About Boys and Girls Sometimes boys and girls are so different that they appear to be part of different category. And all those differences between us are occasionally really funny. Just take a look at the following ones: Boys vs Girls   1. Two Methods   2. Guest Coming Soon   3. Facebook Notification    […]

12 Animal GIFs That Will Make Your Day

Animals are really innocent & we all love the tricks that they have in store for us. MJBlast has compiled 12 Animal gifs that will make you laugh for sure .   1. Lion cub sneaks up on dog and scares it [via]    2. Red panda pull ups [via]     3. Deer Pool Rescue […]

15 Deadliest Creatures in The Ocean

Sea is where you will find a number of creatures that can injure your lives or even cause death. The divers need to be very attentive while swimming in the ocean. Swimming  is a great healthy sport and our suggestion would be to find a swimming pool and dive in rather than taking a dip […]